• Thank you Jacintha for all your encouragement and your generous suggestions on how to improve my art. I believe I am improved entirely because of your efforts as a teacher and a truly talented artist. I am so glad to have found you ๐Ÿ˜Š.

    ~ Ann.

  • Thank Jacintha. Loved the workshop. Finally I got to do flowers. And hydrangeas are a favourite! take care and stay safe. See you again in one of your classes.

    ~ A.

  • A small percentage of people have the ability to see a wider range of colours than the average person. You seem to be one of the select few and then, as an artist, enhance those colours to enable others to be aware of them. This is you sharing a somewhat unique ability. Thanks so much Jacintha. Great teacher. I registered for the Neilsen Park course. Let me know if you do any others!

    ~ Carolyn

  • Thanks, Jacinta, for the lesson and your picture. I am inspired to get back to painting.
    ~ Beth

  • Thanks Jacintha, and for the inspiring class.

    ~ Teresa

  • Thank you. Thanks for all your help. Love the lessons.

    ~ Carolyn

  • How rewarding Jacintha..I was also so awestruck by your work. You pulled out the beauty in the tree... captured it forever. It warms me up. Congratulations!

    ~ Valerie

  • Thank you for sending me that first email letting me know about this 3 day workshop. I have enjoyed it very much and these 3 days have motivated me to do more than just think about painting. I work rather slowly so will have to work on completing the poppies and the landscape in the next little while. I have signed up for your Summer Floral Impressions at Neilson Park and look forward to that.

    ~ Jean

  • Thank you, you brought me to tears! I love it!!!! Yes, I am going to get it gallery framed in gold. Thank you!!!

    ~ Velia

  • I have shared your art with my friends and sisters. I am so thrilled to have your talent finish off my patio. Many thanks and warm hugs.

    ~ Pat

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